In order to shape Macau as a healthy city and a World Centre of Tourism and Leisure as well as to implement “Planeamento dos Serviços de Reabilitação da Região Administrativa Especial de Macau para o Próximo Decénio (2016–2025)”, the Government is determined to build Macau into a barrier-free city so as to facilitate the elderly, people with disabilities, general public and visitors. Regarding to the old guideline “Supressão de Barreiras Arquitectónicas”, the University has met the basic barrier-free requirements in design and construction. We are continuing to optimize barrier-free facilities in current campus and school buildings in accordance with the new guideline “Normas Arquitectónicas para a Concepção de Design Universal e Livre de Barreiras na RAEM”.  As for new buildings and facilities, they are designed and constructed in accordance to the new guideline so as to cater for the needs of different people.

After inspection, the University of Macau initially determined 11 major improvement items in our 2018-2021 accessibility optimization work plan (see list below).

Please refer to the below link for details of accessibility optimization work and will be updated when necessary.

Barrer-Free Facilities on UM Campus

 Project Scheme of Enhancing Barrier-Free Environment

Barrier-free facility
Improvement work
1 洗手間/浴室
Washroom and shower facilities
Improve substandard equipment.
2 電梯
Adjust handrails, door open time, cabin landing accuracy, etc.
3 停車場
Parking space
Increase standard barrier-free car and motorcycle parking spaces, add yellow lines and  signs.
4 入口通道
Improve non-compliant outdoor rampways, handrails, signs, door handles, and entrance door thresholds.
5 無障礙宿舍
Improve the non-compliant mailboxes, doors, toilet bowls, wash basins, shower areas, switch height, windows, beds (college), kitchen cabinets (staff quarters).
6 文化康樂設施
Cultural and recreational facilities
Improve substandard accessible seats, access, door handles, and entrance door thresholds.
7 室外通道
Outdoor passageway
Improve the width and tactile floor tiles of the walkways and corridors.
8 服務或詢問櫃檯
Service counter
Provide barrier-free service counters in all buildings.
9 火警警報系統視像警報設備
Fire alarm system video alarm device
Add red flashing lights and signs for barrier-free facilities, including washrooms and bathrooms, elevators, open service counters, and dormitories.
10 觸覺警示帶
Tactile guide path
A tactile guide path is  added from main entrance of all related buildings to open service counters and barrier-free elevators.
11 聽覺輔助系統
Hearing aid system
A hearing aid system is added to the barrier-free open service counters and large lecture halls of all relevant buildings.