Facility Management and Maintenance Section AV supporting office provides a variety of services including on-site classroom AV support and AV equipment loan service to all UM staffs and students.

Classroom Selection
Classrooms can be divided into different categories, such as buildings, seating capacity and mergeability. You may also click here for a detail classroom list.

AV System Operation Instruction
Operation instruction for the corresponding AV System:

Classroom - Single Projection
(One projector in the room)
Operation GuideOperation Manual
Classroom -Dual Projection
(Two projectors in the room)
Operation GuideOperation Manual
Lecture HallOperation GuideOperation Manual

Remarks: “Operation Guide” is a simplified version while“Operation Manual” is a detailed version.

Demonstration and introduction videos of AV equipment

About the demonstration and introduction videos of AV equipment, please click the link below.

Equipment List

Contact Us
AV Support
Hotline: 8822 2511  (Monday to Friday, 8:00 to 19:30)
Email: fmm.classroom_support@um.edu.mo
Office Location: E7-G002 (opposite to Security Centre)