Performance Pledge

Performance Pledge2021-05-21T10:12:31+08:00

To support our campus in providing high quality teaching, research and learning spaces by dedicating our best effort to provide adequate and satisfactory logistics support and establishing clear working guidelines for staff, creating a safe and harmonious workplace.

Pledged Service
Service Quality Indicator
 Classroom Audio-Visual equipment support
 Arrive classroom within 20 minutes
 Cleaning services application
 Confirm within 2 working days
 Printing request (less than 1,000 pages)
 Complete within 2 working days

Target Groups

  • UM students
  • UM academic and administrative staff
  • Tenants
Scope of Services
  • Provide printing service to UM staff;
  • Control and manage facilities systems for daily operation of the Campus;
  • Provide AV equipment support to classrooms and venues;
  • Supervise janitorial services of classrooms, offices and public areas.