Facility Management and Maintenance Section (FMM) has installed 2 double-sided LCD digital signage, 9 indoor single-sided LCD billboards and 12 rolling light boxes on main roads and outside faculties in the University. These serve as the main communication channel for publicizing campus news, activities and promotion purpose.

Interested parties are welcome to send applications to FMM by filling in the Application Form for Using UM Indoor and Outdoor Digital Signage System, Rolling and Bus Stop Light Box (CMDO-FMM-AV-13-2017-R06). You may also click here for the locations of rolling light boxes and here for single-sided LCD billboards and double-sided LCD digital signage. 

For details of rolling light boxes, please e-mail us at fmm_signage@um.edu.mo or reach us at 8822 8440.

For details of LCD digital signage system, please e-mail us at fmm.venue_support@um.edu.mo or reach us at 8822 8457.

Please click the below link for further information.