Mail Collection and Distribution Process

  • All incoming mails or parcels, collected by FMM from Post Office, should be in good condition. For damaging mails or parcels, the extent of the damage will be noted by Post Office and be re-wrapped.
  • Official mails and couriers will be collected and sorted out by FMM at Mail Dispatch Centre located in N6-3013.
  • The sorted mails and couriers will be sent by FMM colleagues to related units, faculties and colleges every day.
  • In event of receiving mails with damaged packaging without a note from Post Office, the recipient is advised not to accept and report the case to FMM at 8822 8650.
  • For “by hand-delivered/ collection of materials”, please check if any damage occurs of your documents upon receipt.

Remarks: Macau does not have any postal code

Mailing & Dispatch Service Requests

  • Mail / Document dispatch service requisition (CMDO-FMM-MD-06-2020-R00), including courier service request, all incoming and outgoing mailing request and by hand delivery / collection of materials service request.
  • For newspapers and magazine subscriptions, please e-mail Ms. Tobe Wong at

List of Unclaimed Mails

For more details, please e-mail us at or reach us at 8822 8650.